Running reduces stress, alleviates depression, and improves overall well-being. We use running, primarily as an early boost to encourage morning work activity, build confidence and provide a structured physical outlet for our participants.


Our Hope Sessions are for meditation and are an important component of our philosophy. Our daily circle meditation teaches self-awareness and mindfulness, designed to foster a deeper connection with one's self and community.

Since the pandemic, rates of depression and anxiety have more than tripled. Run Hope Work responded by partnering with one of DC’s premiere tele-therapy providers, Hurdle, in ensuring that our entire cohort and staff have free access to therapy and mental health support. Run Hope Work has also opened a weekly virtual safe space to foster community engagement called, Friday Wellness Workshop, where community leaders and stakeholders join our cohort and share.


To increase our participant's employability profile, they need more than a nice resume and interviewing skills, they need credentials. We offer professional trainings that certify our members in competitive industries, leading to sustainable career opportunities.  We pride ourselves in ensuring that our participants are prepared mentally and professionally through rigorous vocational training and professional development.