Whose Life is it, My Life.

RHW utilizes a holistic approach that combines physical, mental and vocational training to promote overall well-being and empower youth for long-term employment.

RHW's program develops physical and mental well-being through structured run training and deliberate meditation, and prepares youth for work via life skills and work-readiness classes along with trade certifications. 

RHW youth receive stipends during the six month program along with professional mentoring and daily programming. Upon graduation, RHW youth earn job placement and ongoing employment support.

meet the team

Sunset Run

Dawan Alford

Dawan Alford is the Executive Director for Run Hope Work. Dawan has a Masters in Public Administration and is a dynamic leader, bringing years of nonprofit experience, social justice advocacy and engagement strategies to the organization.

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 Tirrell Williams Bey

Tirrell Williams Bey is the Program Coordinator for Run Hope Work. He manages the day-to-day operations of the cohort, including running and daily-athletics programming, meditation and mindfulness programs, and HE's

mental-health services.

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