Amidst the huge societal shifts caused by COVID-19, at Run Hope Work we have adjusted our programming to a hybrid model, combining in-person and virtual learning in the interest of both safety and continuity.


Three times a week, our cohort meets in person for hands-on training toward trade certifications.


Twice a week, we are fully virtual and devoted to therapy and mental health.

We know that virtual learning can be difficult, especially when WiFi accessibility is not necessarily a given. Still, our participants are adjusting well to remote learning and, we believe, thriving.

In July 2020, Run Hope Work was awarded the DC HOPE grant. This allowed us to partner with Hurdle, our teletherapy provider, and add mental health services to our curriculum. This grant came at an auspicious time, as the world had become increasingly virtual in the wake of COVID-19, and it allowed us to incorporate Hurdle’s teletherapy into our virtual-learning days. The DC HOPE grant has, in fact, revolutionized our program, helping us provide free therapy to those who may be suffering the most in these uncertain times.

Be assured that our staff and participants are adhering to strict safety protocols during our in-person training. We check temperatures of everyone entering the RWH office and require masks and social distancing for all indoor meetings, learning, and activities.

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