Fully Supported RIDE!

From DC to Brooklyn, we provide event participants with all they need to go the distance including SAG vehicle support, motor vehicle lead support, transportation back to departure location for you and your bike, mechanics on-hand, fuel stops every 40 miles and check-in stops at 20 mile increments.

ALL BIKE To Brooklyn participants receive:

Free entry into the half marathon

Access to post-challenge celebration

Assistance with fundraising efforts

Limited edition Bike to Brooklyn 2017 Jersey

Prizes for top fundraisers

Start fundraising now with CROWDRISE

Fundraising FAQs

​​What is Bike to Brooklyn?
Bike to Brooklyn is an extraordinary endurance experience. Participants will cycle approximately 267 miles from Washington DC to Brooklyn, NY, with the option to participate in a half marathon run upon arrival to Brooklyn. Participants may also join the ride in Baltimore and Philadelphia. 

Proceeds from this event support the efforts of Run Hope Work, a Washington DC based nonprofit organization that helps at-risk young people transform their lives through running, mentoring, and hands-on job training.

What is the start time and length of the bike ride? The Start Time is 5:00 AM. The length is approximately 267 miles, with rest stops every 40 miles. 

Where does the ride start and end?
Bike to Brooklyn starts at Bicycle SPACE in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC. The ride ends at 21 Park Pl, Brooklyn, NY
Where are the rest stops located?
Bike to Brooklyn will stop at 40 mile increments for 30 minutes each. We break for rest at fuel stops and enjoy meals supplied by these generous businesses:

Baltimore, MD- Breakfast by Caffe Latte Da

Susquehanna State Park- Picnic Lunch hand delivered to the park.

New Castle, DE- Highway pit stop at the unique and diverse New Castle Farmer's Market

Philadelphia, PA- Long break from 6-10 PM at Transport Cycles. Here, cyclists can re-charge, enjoy a catered dinner, and hop on or off the ride.

Princeton, NJ- Late night grub on the Princeton University campus.

Brooklyn, NY- Our final destination - Community BeGood Guest House, Park Slope, Brooklyn. Here, participants receive a warm welcome from Innkeeper Lisel Burns, including breakfast and full access to her fabulous funky guest house and garden. Those continuing to the half marathon will receive transition support and transportation to the race and back to the guest house. All participants are encouraged to stick around for the post event celebration hosted by Community BeGood.

What is the average pace?
Bike to Brooklyn will have two paced groups
Group A 18-20 MPH
Group B 14-16 MPH

Will mechanics be available for support?
Yes, each paced group will have a trained bike mechanic riding in the SAG vehicle.

Will I be able to take a break from cycling and ride along in the SAG van?
Yes, you may ride along in the SAG vehicle at any stop along the route. 
Will first aid be available?
Yes, basic first aid will be available in each of the SAG vehicles. In case of major injury or medical emergency, we have identified and mapped out the closest medical facilities along the route.

Can participants leave the ride in cities between DC and NY?
Riders wishing to depart Bike to Brooklyn may do so for any reason. Bike to Brooklyn requests that you notify a team leader and sign a document stating that you have departed the event.

Can participants join the ride between DC and NY?

There will be designated locations in Baltimore and Philadelphia where participants can join the ride. Riders wishing to join the ride from another location are requested to contact biketobrooklyn@runhopework.org.

Is transportation home from Brooklyn provided?
Yes, transportation for you and your bike will be provided back to your starting location. 

How do I receive my rider information packet?
We will be sending all participants a “Rider information Packet" via email shortly before the event.

How do I register?
To register, simply click here!

Is there a registration deadline?
Yes, the deadline to register is October 13, 2017 at 11:59 PM.
What is the total cost to bike from DC and Baltimore to Brooklyn?
The Total Cost to bike from DC and Baltimore to Brooklyn is $675. This includes a $175 non-refundable deposit and a pledge to raise $500.

What is the total cost to bike from Philadelphia to Brooklyn?

The total cost to bike from Philadelphia to Brooklyn is $400. This includes a $100 non-refundable deposit and a pledge to raise $300. 

How can I receive Bike to Brooklyn updates? 

Check our Facebook page frequently for updates, promotions and more!


The Route to Brooklyn

Check out the 2017 route below. 



What is the fundraising pledge for a DC/Baltimore to Brooklyn rider?
The fundraising pledge is $500.00, not including a $175 non-refundable deposit.  

What is the fundraising pledge for a Philadelphia to Brooklyn rider?
The fundraising pledge is $300.00, not including a $100 non-refundable deposit. 

What if I raise more than my fundraising goal?
Those who raise more money than their fundraising goal will be eligible for awesome prizes! 

What if I don’t meet my fundraising goal?
Any unpaid balance will be charged to the credit card used for your deposit on October 21, 2017.

How do I create a personal fundraising page?
After you register, you will receive instructions on how to set up your Crowdrise fundraising page.

How do I find a participant’s personal fundraising webpage?
Click here and search for a individual participant among "team members".

Can donors contribute to my personal fundraising via check?
Yes, donors may contribute to your fundraising effort via check. Please make all checks payable to Run Hope Work - Bike to Brooklyn. 

Can I make a donation to the general team?
Yes. Donations can be made here:

Where should I mail my donation checks?
Donations can be mailed to Bike to Brooklyn at:
6031 Kansas Ave NW Washington DC 20011

To whom should checks be payable?
Checks should be made payable to Run Hope Work- Bike to Brooklyn.​

Are donations tax-deductible?
Yes, your donations are tax deductible.

Do all donors receive a receipt?
Yes, all donors will received a receipt for their donations.​

S*#!... How am I supposed to raise $500?

Well, its much easier than pedaling 267 miles.

Method 1:

Ask your friends, family, neighbors and 1000 Facebook friends to support your epic adventure. It may seem like a lot, but breaks down to a mere $1.87 per mile for DC to Brooklyn participants. 

Method 2: (For The Bold)
Follow Robert’s Four day Fool Proof $500 Plan

Day 1- Ask 10 Coworkers to donate $10 each “BAM”….. $100.00
Day 2- Ask 5 family members to donate $50 each “BAM”……$250.00
Day 3-  Ask your bike club buddies too lazy to sign up …4 cyclists, $25 each

"BAM"..... $100.00
Day 4- Ask 5 neighbors, it’s a good cause, $10 each

"BAM"..... $50.00

YOU DID IT!!!!! Easy Peasy!

30  Hours II 267 Mi Bike II 13.1 MI RUN  DC  * BALT * NJ * PHILLY * BrooklyN


DC- Bike to Brooklyn 2017 departs Saturday October 21st with a grand send off from BicycleSPACE in Adams Morgan. 

5:00 AM Departure 

Philly-4:00 PM Arrival. In Philly, participants can tune up, fuel up, tour the South Street scene, and hop on or off the ride. 

10:00 PM Departure 

Ride through the evening of October 21st  and into the morning of October 22nd.

NYC- 6:00 am arrival  to final destination!

In Brooklyn, participants receive a warm welcome, including catered breakfast and massages. Those wishing to compete in the half marathon will do so after breakfast and

those who skip the run are encouraged to stick around for the post-challenge celebration.
12:00 pm- Post-challenge celebration in Brooklyn
3:00 pm- Vans return to cities of origin (DC and Philadelphia). 

All times are estimates and are subject to change. 


Ride with Friends and SAVE

Register for the 2017 Bike to Brooklyn along with 3 or more friends (group total size: 4 or more) and receive 10% off the total price. Email biketobrooklyn@runhopework.org  for promotion details.

Bike to Brooklyn is an extraordinary bike/run endurance experience. Participants will cycle 267 miles 

from Washington DC to Brooklyn, with the option to participate in a half marathon run upon arrival.

Videos from last year's ride:
2017 JERSEY Request Form

Price for non-participants: $85.00

Payment collected upon distribution of product.